Jasper Ceilidh Band


                                                           Jasper Ceilidh Band for ceilidhs in Essex and Suffolk

Please allow me to introduce a Ceilidh (Kay-lee) Band with a difference, which could help your organization or charity raise money with minimal risk. Our band has been together and doing barn dances and folk concerts for over twenty years helping to raise funds and awareness of various causes. The band consists of three multi-instrumentalist / singers, and dance callers. Our barn dance evenings consist of two dances followed by a song or tune throughout the evening, which allows the dancers a chance to rest but still be entertained. The songs consist of a mix of Traditional and contemporary and the dances are tailored to the ability of the audience, so if you have never barn danced before our Caller will walk you through the dance first before it is set to music, then she will remind you of the moves as you get to them.


          The important point is the financial side when fund raising, and this is where our band differs from any others we know of. We do not have a fixed price for fundraisers but work on a sliding scale, depending on the ticket money collected. Our fee starts at £150 and finishes at £300, plus expenses if more than 20 Miles from our base in North East Essex. Below is a scale of charges to illustrate:-


Money from tickets                     Band fee                            Your profit

  £0 - £150                                   £150                                   Nil

         £200                                   £150                                    £ 50

         £300                                   £150                                    £150

         £600                                   £300                                    £300

         £700                                   £300                                    £400


If for any reason the event can not go ahead (i.e. unforeseen problem, poor advanced ticket sales etc) the band does not charge a cancellation fee provided we receive notice of cancellation at least 24 hours before the event was due to start.

The money raised during the event from other sources (i.e. Raffles, Party Games etc) are entirely yours and not subject of band fees.


As can be seen by using this system the risk of running your event at a loss is minimal.

People of any age can Barn Dance and it is a great fun way to enjoy yourself while raising funds and awareness for your cause.


As a rough guide most barn dance tickets are priced from about £5.00 for a basic dance with no refreshments up to £10-£15 with a meal included. Most bands charge from £400 upward and this may not include a dance caller. If you're having a dance for a private function we charge £300 plus traveling expenses


Contact us on jasper.ceilidh.band@gmail.com

 (The Band are booked by the Organizers and have no responsibility for the event. Please check with the Organizers to confirm times, venue, etc.)


 Dances for 2022 open to the public

  Date            Venue                  Contact for tickets

04/06/2022  Bradfield Village Hall            01255 870238


 See us on "You Tube" or Google search Jasper Ceilidh Band